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Hollywood was originally known as Bellefonte Station stop, though the original town of Bellfonte was several miles away on the Tennessee River. This railroad stop was named after the original town, which had objected to the railroad and did not allow it to pass through. Thus the tracks ran several miles north of the old town.

For a short time, this settlement was known as Samples. The freight house built here in 1856 was destroyed during the Civil War. In 1866, a railroad report noted that a new depot was needed at Bellefonte, and the 1887 report stated that the new depot had been built at Hollywood, the first year that railroad records showed this new name.

In 1891, this building burned, and in 1892, a new one was built at a cost of $1,103.

The railroad agent in Hollywood for many years was D. Meek. Other railroaders from this area included D. C. Minor and Charles C. Chandler.

From Jack Daniel's book, Southern Railway: From Stevenson to Memphis (Grandmother Earth Creations: Germantown, TN, 1996).