Larkinsville Depot

[photo] See caption below for details.

The original Larkinsville station, built in 1856, was a brick freight house that was subsequently destroyed in the Civil War. Another freight house was built in 1866 and remodelled in 1885. In 1890, a new 50,000 gallon water tank was erected to serve the steam locomotives that stopped in the station.

Sam Hodges was the railroad agent here in 1950.

These railroaders came from Larkinsville: William Mcmahan, John McMahan, Bunn McMahan, Sam McMahan, White Hamlett, Buck Hamlett, Prince Hamlett, John R. Hamlette, Audy Hamlett, Sam Hamlette, John Aday, Tom Swain, R. Driver. E. R. Driver, A. G. Harper, B. M Harper, John Higgins, W. D. Butler, John Sisk, Sam Sloan, A. P. Grizzle, M. I Honey, Jonah Honey, Joe Holderfield, A. L. Skelton, N. D. Hall, Dave Larkin, William Larkin, Richard Keel, H. B. Wilborne, E. L. Smart, Tom Caldwell, Edward Boyd, J. J. Canterberry, John Canterberry, Hunter Kennemore, I. H. Petter, J. D. Brannum, Virgil Henshaw, Gordon Barclay, I. A. Durham, Sam Hamlett, and M. E. Hall.

From Jack Daniel's book, Southern Railway: From Stevenson to Memphis (Grandmother Earth Creations: Germantown, TN, 1996).