Scottsboro Depot

[photo] See caption below for details.

When Scottsboro first became a stop on the Memphis and Charleston line, it was known as Scott's Mill and was no more than an early water station. In 1861, the brick freight house and combined ticket office was completed. In 1871, a new water tank was built. A separate passenger depot, the building shown here, was built in 1891 at a cost of $1,944.

These railroaders came from Scottsboro: M. A. Payne, J. W. Payne, Wallace Payne, Sam Frasier, Clay S. Frasier, Joe Matthews, J. O. Askin, Will Askin, Garland Woodall, R. R. Kelley, B. E. Kelley, E. T. Hodge, E. C. Snodgrass, Edward Sisk Sr., Edward Sisk Jr., and E. M. Sisk.

From Jack Daniel's book, Southern Railway: From Stevenson to Memphis (Grandmother Earth Creations: Germantown, TN, 1996).