Woodville Depot

[photo] See caption below for details.

The Woodville station shown above was actually located about 3/4 of a mile from the original location. The town was moved and rebuilt to be on the railroad line in 1856. A freight house and ticket office were built in 1856 and destroyed during the Civil War. It has not be rebuilt in 1866, according to a railroad report, but by 1895, was described as "in good condition."

These Southern railroad agents served at the Woodville station since 1895: John A. Brown, James R. Woodall, Patrick Woodall, Charles Lowe, John Maples, Glenn Bryan, W. B. Johnson, S. E. Pierce, and Glenn Bryan.

These railroaders came from Woodville: James Riley Woodall, Leslie H. Woodall, J. A Woodall, Ray Woodall, C. C. Woodall, Maxie Woodall, Thomas Woodall, Sam Prince, Elbert Chandler, George Chandler, John Maples, Jim Maples, George Roberts, William G. Roberts, Orie Roberts, S. M McGee, L. Thompson, Homer Tribble, Tom Tribble, Willard Butler, Rufus Hodges, George Wann, Frank Wann, R. D. Peters, C. C. Peters, J. A. Peters, Harvey Peters, W. A. Parker, Jim Bullnan, Houston Evans, Sam Hodges, Charles T. Hodges, Dallas Wilson, Luther Thompson, Will Spurgeon, and Waine Spurgeon.

From Jack Daniel's book, Southern Railway: From Stevenson to Memphis (Grandmother Earth Creations: Germantown, TN, 1996).