News and notes of the JCHA

Last Fall’s enormously successful Cedar Hill Cemetery Stroll will be back for a second run in 2019.

The second stroll will be funded by a generous grant from the Bynum Foundation given to Northeast Alabama Community College (NACC) and the Jackson County Historical Association (JCHA) who orchestrated and scripted last year’s stroll.

Last year’s event, funded with a grant from the Alabama Bicentennial Commission, drew over 800 attendees who heard 15 prominent citizens portrayed by local actors tell their stories at their gravesides.

The event raised almost $1,000 in donations which were used to purchase a grave marker for fallen US Deputy Ed Moody, who died by gunfire near the Scottsboro rail passenger depot in 1929.

The stroll organizers, Julia Everett, Blake Wilhelm, Annette Bradford, and David Bradford have begun organizational meetings to determine this year’s characters and the actors who will portray them.

The Bynum Foundation is a charitable trust established in 2005 by Miss Jessie Sue Bynum on behalf of the entire Bynum family, but particularly her sister, Lucy Scott Bynum.

Lucy Scott Bynum received her Master’s degree from the University of Texas and her PhD from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Jessie Sue was awarded her Master’s degree from the University of Chicago. Both taught at prestigious universities before returning to Scottsboro to care for their ailing father.

The sisters traveled widely in Europe and were avid fans of the Broadway theaters, attending most of the noteworthy productions of the 1950s and 1960s.

The women are granddaughters of Scottsboro’s founder, Robert T. Scott, and were descended from Scott’s youngest daughter, Lucy H. Scott.

Their trust is administered by Andrew Skelton, Bill Tally, Scott Skelton, Colleen Skelton, and Graham Skelton.