News and notes of the JCHA

Our April Meeting

The Jackson County Historical Association and the Alabama Cemetery Preservation Alliance are co-sponsoring the annual meeting of the Alliance at the Scottsboro Jackson Heritage Center on Saturday, April 27. The morning meeting will be at the heritage center, and the afternoon meeting will be a series of practicum workshops on headstone leveling and repair, with demonstrations of ground-penetrating radar and D2 cleaning held at Cedar Hill,. We will also hold a mini cemetery stroll about 3:00 with presenters from our past strolls recreating their monologues for our out-of-town visitors.

The cost of the workshop is $40 and includes breakfast and lunch at the heritage center, a performance by the Northeast String Ensemble, a mini-cemetery stroll at 3 pm (5 actors), and a year’s membership in the Alabama Cemetery Preservation Alliance. The signup sheet for this workshop is attached at the end of the Chronicles. You can learn more about this organizations at: can be found at

You must pre-register to attend this workshop if you intend to eat lunch. Otherwise, you can register the day of the workshop for $30 if you want to leave during lunch and meet us at the cemetery at 1:00 pm.

JCHS Members Invited to NCAA String Band CD Release Concert:

The Mustang String Band is currently recording the band’s second album, which is a reimagining of the Skyline Farms Band recordings last collected and released on cassette by Dr. David Campbell in 1989. The invitation came from student Hillary Green, a member of the current band, with strong family ties to the original band: “My great grandfather, Hub Green, was the fiddle player in the band, and my great aunt Edith was one of the dancers.” The JCHA was invited to the concert and release party on May 10 at 7:00 pm at the NACC Theater. It should be a fun event,and it is free.