Publications and online offerings of the JCHA

A Pictorial Walk Thru Ol’ High Jackson:: The limited Centennial Edition (1868-1968) of Walt Hammer’s landmark collection of pictures from Jackson County is available at the Scottsboro-Jackson Heritage Center.

Building Bridges and Roads in the Korean Conflict: History of Company B from Scottsboro, Alabama, during the “Forgotten War: Dr. Ronald H. Dykes’s third book on the history and people of Jackson County focuses on Jackson County’s large contingent of National Guard troops deployed to Korea in the early 1950’s. The book details the history of the 151st Combat Engineers’ Battalion, interviews with 13 of the deployed soldiers, and includes photos by Scottsboro’s Jake Word, who was among the young men deployed. The book is available at the Scottsboro Public Library and Scottsboro-Jackson County Heritage Center for $22.95.

Belmont Coal Mines of Jackson County Alabama: Lewis Wendell Page, Sr. writes about an isolated Jackson County coal mining community that was active from 1877 through 1940 on Isbell Mountain. The book is available at the Scottsboro-Jackson Heritage Center.

The History of Jackson County, Alabama: John R. Kennamer’s book remains the seminal work about the settlement and growth of Jackson County. Published in 1935, it is available for $14.00 by mail (JCHA, PO Box 1494, Scottsboro, AL 35768) or for $10.00 at the Scottsboro Depot Museum.

They Wouldn’t Let Us Win: Jackson County, Alabama, Veterans Relive the Vietnam War: Fifteen Jackson County Vietnam veterans describe their experiences in the war, their reception back in the states, and their frustration with US policy that would not let them win the war. By Dr. Ronald H. Dykes. The book is available at the Scottsboro-Jackson Heritage Center for $25.95 hardcover or $15.95 paperback.

The Civil War in Jackson County: Annette Norris Bradford and David Bradford’s driving tour of the county documents Civil War sites from Bridgeport to Paint Rock. The brochure is available at the Scottsboro Depot Museum and the Scottsboro-Jackson County Heritage Center at no charge.

Notable Burials in Scottsboro’s Cedar Hill Cemetery: The history of Scottsboro is encapsulated in this walking tour developed by Annette Norris Bradford and David Bradford. The tour brochure, available in a drop box in the cemetery, documents 14 burial spots of distinguished politicians, doctors and lawyers, newspaper editors, educators, and a few larger-than-life characters that rest together in Scottsboro’s oldest municipal cemetery. It is downloadable in PDF form here.

National Register of Historic Places Listings in Jackson County, Alabama: This Wikipedia article offers access to applications for all 12 properties and districts listed on the National Register in Jackson County.