JPG City Shoe Shop

City Shoe Shop, located at 244 South Broad Street, was built in the early 20th century. It is a one-story, painted brick building with decorative brick work above plate glass display windows and a recessed entrance. This location is currently the law office of Patricia Cobb-Stewart.

Current View: Law Office of Patricia Cobb-Stewart

1920s-1930s: Wilhelm Grocery

Ann Chambless was a mere child of 6 when she visited Wilhelm Grocery, run by some family members. She remembers the building being long and thin and in the position of this business. So in the 1920s and 30s, this building seems likely to have been the site of Wilhelm Grocery. The ad below is from the 1930 JCHS yearbook.

1960-1970: Cordell Furniture and Jack B. Minks’ office

In the 1956 phone book, this location was home to Cordell Furniture. Bill Bradford’s photos of the 1958 homecoming parade show Optometrist Jack B. Minks in this location:

1960-1970: Jane’s Women’s Apparel

By the 1960 city directory, Jane’s Women’s Apparel is at this location through 1966. There is no data for this location again until 1972 when it is the home of City Shoe Shop. This business was at this location at least through the early 1980s when the historical registry information was collected.

City Shoe Shop

All evidence is that this is the City Shoe Shop business that was chased first out of Hammer’s main building to the Hammer’s Annex and finally to this location. See Hammers discussion for information about the movement of buildings on this side of the square.

Anita Kern whose father established and owned Hammer’s in Scottsboro, said that Mr. and Mrs. Clay Peacock ran this business.