This building, which once stood on the corner of Appletree and Broad Street, was home to the Scottsboro Electric Power Board and the Water Board. These snapshot photos of the men who served on these boards are from city hall.

Electric Power Board Building in the 1950s

Electric Power Company, 1961

L to R, Front row: Leon Rusk, M. A. Wright, A. Z. Proctor, Johnny King
Back row: Fred Wallingford, Bill Sheldon, Fred Kellar, Buddy Lusk, Grady Brandon, Weldon Bray

Electric Power Board, 1961

L to R, Front row: W. I. Gladish, J. W. Gay, Chairman, William Thomas

Electric Power Board Office Personnel, 1961

Hubert Bray, Mgr. Louis Price, Office Manager, Marie Bradford, Lizzie B. Eyster

Water, Sewer, and Gas Board, 1961

L to R Seated: C. O. Reed, Lee Bishop, Chairman, Ben Hunt
L to R, Standing: Robert Coplin, Rudolph Jones, John C. Harris