The historic Jackson County, Alabama courthouse square is included on the National Registry of Historical Places. In the introduction to their 1981 submission for inclusion in the National Registry, Ann Chambless and Judy Proctor noted:

The Scottsboro Public Square has served as the political center of Jackson County since 1870, when the county seat was moved from Bellefonte. Like most of the county seats of this period, the courthouse sits on a central square with the major commercial structures of the county surrounding it. The sparsity of early construction,the late date of many of the buildings, and the concentration of structures built in the 1930s reflect economic conditions of the county, particularly the impact that the Tennessee Valley Authority had on the economy. All of the buildings are very plain and reflect the architectural choices of the poorer rural communities of Alabama in the late 19th and early 20th century. The Courthouse, although somewhat remodeled,is significant as the site of the first of the internationally famous Scottsboro Boys trials. Of the 46 buildings in the district, 26 are considered to contribute to the significance of the district; 12 are considered to be marginally contributing or non-intrusive; and 8 are considered to be intrusive.

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