Built in 1930, the Young Building encompasses addresses 227 through 231 of South Market Street. It is a two-story, painted-red-brick building. The lower story has been altered to add plate glass display windows. The ground floor includes two store fronts whose tenants turn over frequently. The second story includes unoccupied office space.

At some times, one business has occupied both sides of this building. At other times, there were as many as three addresses in this space.

The 227 address housed V. M. Proctor Grocery 1956 through 1961. In the 1961 phone book, what appears to be a take-out only restaurant, Proc’s Chargrilled Food, is at this address.

The 229 address housed Ken’s Record Shop from 1961 to 1974 when this business’s name was changed to Scottsboro Music. In 1975, as the photo shows, the store on the left was Scottsboro Music Center, replacing Ken’s Record Shop. Western Union is also listed at this address.

In 1960, Congressman R. E. “Bob” Jones had an office at 229 1/2.

The 231 address housed Western Auto in 1956. From 1960 to 1970, Cash’s Home and Auto was at this address. In the 1970 city directory, the Huntsville Times Circulation Office is at this address.

Currently, the building, whose address is 131 South Market, houses the law offices of Gerald Paulk, Attorney, whose practice uses the entire building.

Ken’s Record Shop, owned and operated by Ken Frazier, was central to a generation of young music lovers growing up in the 1960’s. He sold 45 rpm records for $1, monaural LPs for $3 and stereo LPs for $4. He also had an extensive newsstand section that was the only outlet in Scottsboro selling Playboy magazine, a publication that he took considerable pains to shield from the eyes of his younger male patrons.

GE Young apartments, upstairs, continued to house residents until around 1980. Today, the apartments are vacant.

Current view: Law Offices of Gerald Paulk

1966: Ad for Proc’s Chargrilled Food from the phone book

1975: Scottsboro Music Center

1980: Scottsboro Music Center from the Reminder